Saturday, December 19, 2009

Ho, Ho, Ho, Who Wants Snow?????

Good Evening All,
It's been awhile since I've posted anything. I'm making a promise to myself to do more in 2010. Today, we are snowed in the house. We can't even get off our cul-de-sac. Got a good laugh off of two neighbors who got stuck trying to get out. One literally shoveling a little pathway in the parking lot.

We are enjoying being snowed in. Today, I had a nap for the first time in ages. LOL!!! Anyway, finishing up some cards that my daddy wanted and now I need to do my side of the family. Here they are:

Oh, gotta add some snow.

Friday, November 6, 2009


Ever wondered if you would enjoy the "From My Kitchen" cartridge? I did, but only for a split moment. This is another over due project. A Cookbook for my dear friend Erica. Using this cart was tons of fun. Oh, I just realized that I changed the name from drinks to beverages and that section is out of order. LOL!!!

It's GYPSY Time!!!!!!

Hello Friends, Family, and Fellow Crafters. I have succumbed to the pressure and got myself a Gypsy as an early Christmas present. This is a new level of love. Last night, Lisa & Yanique came over and it was gypsy times gypsy times gypsy. We were all syncing, linking, and redeeming points.

Sunday, October 25, 2009

Book of Me

Have you ever thought about what you could leave behind for the generations after you? We all know a picture is worth a thousand words; how much could an entire scrapbook say? For years, I only put effort into preserving those still moments of my children. Now, it is time to add myself to the mix.

A Challenge was issued on the cricut messageboard to do a scrapbook about yourself. I actually started my book two years ago. I just dived right in, bypassing an intro page. This challenge helped me to do just that. Now, when you open my personal album, here is what you'll see.

All About The Cards

This weekend, I snuck in some time to get a few cards done. At the same time, I began wondering if it's possible to focus some part of brain on Christmas Cards. I haven't sent out any in awhile. What I have sent in it's place, were Happy New Years Cards. LOL!! That way, I have until the end of January to get my 50 cards in the mail.


Any one up for some Chocolate Covered Strawberries? This is a Birthday Card for my friend Nicole. She has a Strawberry business on the side, so I thought this would make her smile.

This card was for my Daughter's Classmate/Friend. I put this together 40 minutes before we had to leave for the party. I even let her tell me what words to put inside the card. She loves writing.

This card is for my son's teacher. She has been out on disability (knee surgery) and is expected to be back tomorrow. She loves all animal print and Delta Sigma Theta! I love his teacher.

Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Word Books Oh My!!!

My new craft adventure is Wordbooks. I used Mickey Font on Corey's book and Street Sign for Cameron. I've added a few pictures that I have of the boys, but left a few spaces, so they could add their own. Because his name is shorter, Corey's book has extra white pages for hime to write on.

Thursday, October 8, 2009

My Scraproom in Progress

I cleaned my room up a bit, just so you all could see the floor. LOL!!! While this area is my craft space, it will also double as a guest room. At some point, we'll put a sleep sofa or futon in there. No rush though!!! What's a scraproom without pictures? I need to add pics, have hubby put up my shelf and I think I need one more small table. At some point, this will be complete.