Sunday, October 25, 2009

All About The Cards

This weekend, I snuck in some time to get a few cards done. At the same time, I began wondering if it's possible to focus some part of brain on Christmas Cards. I haven't sent out any in awhile. What I have sent in it's place, were Happy New Years Cards. LOL!! That way, I have until the end of January to get my 50 cards in the mail.


Any one up for some Chocolate Covered Strawberries? This is a Birthday Card for my friend Nicole. She has a Strawberry business on the side, so I thought this would make her smile.

This card was for my Daughter's Classmate/Friend. I put this together 40 minutes before we had to leave for the party. I even let her tell me what words to put inside the card. She loves writing.

This card is for my son's teacher. She has been out on disability (knee surgery) and is expected to be back tomorrow. She loves all animal print and Delta Sigma Theta! I love his teacher.


  1. Nicole's Card is WICKED cute and just soooo PERFECT for her. Oh Oh .... watch out... you'll be spending more time making cards than I fell in to that trap already... Poor Bennie's scrapbooks have been neglected but lots of happy card recipients. Love them all. Gotta love that little Green Machine too... what the heck is is called?? UGGGH... the thing that makes the Swiss Dots... Drawing a TOTAL Blank. Need sleep. Could turn around and look but that would be too much like right and you know what I mean... hee hee

  2. by the way, what's the little white squiggly thing on the strawberry on the left?? What did you make that from?

  3. Nat, you are hilarious. The Cuttlebug. I love it too. The white and brown chocolate is a Martha Stewart punch (drippy goo punch). It's with the halloween punches.