Sunday, May 2, 2010

Mother's Day

This weekend, we ushered in my favorite month of the year. MAY!!!!! I'll celebrate Mothers, Life, Love, and a New Home. Please share what you are doing for Mother's Day.

We all know a Supermom in our lives. That person may even be you. A Mother who is always on the go. A Mother who is balancing work, children, spouse, and even some quality time for herself. This week's project is dedicated to YOU!!

Here's Another. This was was done using Once Upon A Princess and Storybook. Let's just hope the kids' God-Mommy doesn't scope out the blog this week. LOL!!! It's full of goodies for her to keep in the car. Her car is black and her favorite color is red.

There is a mirror on the left side and the poem on the right reads:

Godmothers aren't fairies in a tale,
Offering a world that cannot be.
Demand of them glass slippers and they fail,
More likely to do favors naturally.
On them you can depend for a relation:
They offer gifts and guidance with a kiss.
Having taken on the obligation,
Each freely out of love gives what she is.
Real godmothers have no wands or wings,
So they must work with wisdom, love, and things.


  1. Those lunch boxes are tooo keeeoooot! I'll be putting in my teacher appreciation gift idea collection. TFS!