Saturday, July 31, 2010

CHA Updates: Products

CHA is over and it was a blast. I had to exercise so much restraint. I am already onboard for next year. Here are some more pics:

1) Me with the ribbon cutting ceremonial scissors
2) The new Tim Holtz Sizzix Machine
3) The secret Cicle Members only box. Inside were binders on a table that featured cuts from carts to come. They were not allowed to take pics or film video. One of the PC staff told me that someone actually walked away with some of the pages from another binder. That binder had all the cutouts from the 4 carts that were just released.
4) The new Cuttlebug Machine. It's a slighty different shade of green and the handle tucks in. I want one. It's not in the stores yet and one of the Employees wasn't sure if it will be an HSN exclusive or not.

Oh yes, I did win a $100 Gift Card from one of the vendors there. That was very exciting and help to soften the blow of not winning a cricut cake. I decided this weekend that I probably really want one. I haven't decorated cakes in a long time but that is what I need to get it started again. LOL!!


  1. Cassie, thanks for the updates and photos!!!

  2. Sounds/looks like you had a ball! Thanks for keeping us updated.