Tuesday, February 1, 2011

School Layouts

Is there really a such thing as catching up in scrapbooking?  Not in my world.  I did set a very hefty goal to catch up on the kids' school albums (not including their current year) before I go away in March.  I won't be mad if I miss the mark, but I am determined to get close, if not completed.  Two weeks ago, I finally finished my son's preschool album.  Woohoo!!!! By the way, he's in first grade and I took tons of pics during his K year.  Today on my desk, is my daughter's K field trip in Baltimore, about 4 years ago.  LOL!!  Don't be alarmed, her entire 2nd grade year is just about finished thanks to her teacher asking me to do a yearbook.  Enough rambling... I just wanted to share a few layouts.  Something I haven't done in a while.  P.S. - I figured the only way to complete this goal is to keep it simple.

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