Thursday, March 3, 2011

Stylish Blogger Award

Happy Thursday!!!! I've been given the Stylish Blogger Award by two fellow bloggers:

Dakotabear - &

Dee @

With this award, you must share 7 random things about you as well as paying this award forward. It's your turn to recognize bloggers that you visit or newly discovered! Make sure you let them know, you have something special for them.

Now, on to those Random Things About Me:
1) I drink a cup of hot chocolate EVERY morning at work.
2) I love to read but scrapbooking took over that! (can't wait for my Kindle for Mother's Day)
3) I can't chew gum longer than 15 minutes
4) I love to jump double dutch
5) I love to roller skate
6) My favorite food is hubby's fried chicken and seafood
7) I wanted to be a labor & delivery Nurse

It's time to pass the torch. I've selected these 5 bloggers to receive this award. I love how they flow:
IslandV -
Lisa -
I2BZ2W8 -
Michele -
Sanura -


  1. Congrats Cassie! So, I didn't get a chance to check, but I have you down for the Stylish Blogger Award too!