Sunday, March 27, 2011


One of the things I love, is introducing someone to the world of scrapping. My daughter's friend came over in December for a lesson and was hooked. Last week, she celebrated her 12th Birthday and I jumped at the opportunity to create a special place where she could keep a few pictures from her party. She loved the gift and....... I was surprised to find out today that she didn't take any pictures at the skating rink. She's always taking photos with her phone. Inside the tag are slips of paper for her to write notes from her party on.

Faith's favorite colors are brown, green, blue, and white:

By the way, I binded this project with the Cinch, that I picked up yesterday. After using it for the first time, I wanted to toss the other one (not calling names) out the window!!!!!


  1. This is very nice.
    The Cinch I bought at least 5 months ago is still in the box. I need to just make something and put it to use.

  2. Very Sweet of you! And yes, I know how you love to get people addicted to scrapping! LOL I want a cinch!

  3. very the word book