Thursday, July 7, 2011

Try it out Thursday!!

Happy Friday Eve!!!! For my weekly followers, you may remember I've mentioned my "Things to try" in 2011 list. At the beginning of the year, that list included 2 things: Tshirt Vinyl and Glass Etching. Over the last few months, you know I have fallen in love with tshirt vinyl. So, this post checks off the other "try" item of the year; glass etching. I watched my friend Lisa tackle this before my very eyes. She was so patient and cautious as it was her first time. A few trials and she got it. I thought, "oh Lord, do I really want to do this." Yes, I must check it off my list. So, below is my first attempt. I had a few slips of the vinyl and I"ve never been a painter, but tadaaaaaa...

Ingredients: Cricut Machine, Armour Etching Cream, foam brush, skinny vase, white vinyl, thick popsicle stick, and transfer tape.

Now, we are 6 months away from a new year and my 2011 list has grown by 2 more techniques: Paperbag Album (which I've done 4 already) and something with canvas. Stay tuned for that one..


  1. Cassie, great job on the vinyl. I tried it once and wasn't pleased; thanks for the inspiration. I'll have to try it again.