Sunday, August 7, 2011

Vinyl Tumblers and Water Bottles

I didn't have any spare time to participate in challenges this week. I am deep in the final stages of 250 elephant shaped wedding programs. I handed off 200 this evening to my friend to tie bows. I only have 50 left to print, which means another 150 pages. There is nothing complicated about the program, just layers upon layers, upon layers.

To keep my sanity, I took an hour break to fill some tumbler orders.

1) Lakers is for my husband. I was supposed to make this the minute I tried vinyl for the first time, but a few orders came in quickly. He was smiling from ear to ear. He sent me back to my corner to add the jersey numbers of some of their greatest players. Lakers logo was an image file that I broke apart using SCAL.

2) Cowboys belongs to my big brother. His birthday is Wednesday and this will not be making it to the post office in time.

3) Papa Smurf belongs to my dad for his birthday next week. It's going to be filled with Tootsie Rolls. He and I watched the Smurfs together faithfully on Saturday mornings from 9a - 10:30a. He took the grandkids to see the movie. This is an svg file that I downloaded from Mardenz Blog.

4) Tumbler. Turtle is a cricut cut.


  1. Cassie these are fabulous. I definitely need to give this a try.

  2. I love Papa Smurf! I showed them to Jada and she said Jaylon needs the Lakers one! LOL So sweet of Dad to take the kids to see the Smurfs!