Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Christmas Chargers & Tumbler

This crafty elf is one tired woman.  I don't know if I should tell you what time I went to bed this morning and what time I had to get up.  Only God because I woke up 20 minutes before the alarm.  Funny thing is, I never feel tired while I'm in the thick of projects.  Next, who knows the secret to making cake pops?  That's the other reason why I was up so late.  I did figure out where I went wrong with the cake pop maker itself so, I had to do them the old fashioned way.  Too messy, even for this chocolate lover.  Nevertheless, these are what I've been working on the last few days, in between a few orders... Chargers, Teacher Christmas Gift, and my daughter's BFF celebrates her 10th birthday today!!!!!  Thanks for stopping by!

SCAL is my friend!!!!!  I just figured out out to get text in a circular motion, which I didn't figure out until after these were done.  Pardon the fingerprints.  LOL!! I put red velvet cupcakes on each plate based on the number of family members.  I cut an acetate circle to cover the center of the plate and taped the cupcakes to that so they wouldn't shift around.  These chargers are not designed for food consumption.  I think the back of one actually said candle holder.

Guitar is from Hannah Montana Cricut cartridge


  1. These turned out beautifully! Everything cut out so clean! Wow~

  2. All fabulous projects, but I really love the school cups!