Tuesday, December 27, 2011

More Holiday Chargers

The Christmas RUSH is over!!!!!  I love the madness but the Cafe looks like it's been hit twenty times over by a paper, vinyl, and tool truck.  I still have 2 more chargers to do and my own family cards, but this week, I am cleaning up.  I'm tripping over my own self in the madness.  Anyway... Just wanted to share the other chargers I did.  I couldn't post until after the recipients received them.  I'm going to upload a video in a day or two, showing how I did them.

Oh, I figured out the cake pop maker.  I had the wrong baking spray.  I also followed the cake pop recipe strictly, which slightly differs from a boxed cake mix.  The last time, I was making cake pops and cupcakes with the same batter, so I stuck with the box version.  Each family received red velvet cake pops dipped in chocolate or Red Velvet cupcakes on their charger.

Thanks for stopping by.

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