Thursday, March 22, 2012

I'm off to the land of paper and scissors

Good Morning Family, Friends, and Fellow Crafter!!!!

It's that time of year, where I head towards the mountains for 4 days of crafting.  Woohooo!!  I started pulling out things to pack last week; always afraid I"ll leave a key item.  As of yesterday, I managed to unpack a few items I decided I just wouldn't work on.  Ok, that and the fact that I'm riding with Lisa (a.k.a. Crop, Drop, N Roll) who brings the kitchen sink.  Although, she told me that might not happen this year.  LOL!!  We'll see.  I unpacked a ton of stuff between last night and this morning.  I am so proud that I'm taking so little.

I wanted to post a project I completed last weekend.  There are two craft items that scare me:  (1) paint and (2) modge podge.  I always have the hardest time with both.  But, for the past 5 years I've been wanting to alter a breakfast tray and walking around ACM last week, a mini tray caught my attention and I thought, this is good, I'll start small and work my way up to a large tray.  I did learn that I should probably print pictures on thinner paper.  The pics I used were on photo paper.  I decided I may tackle the larger tray for teacher appreciation week, by making a collage of the students in the tray and covering with that dreaded modge podge.  Any tips you can offer:

OK, here's the project:

We made it to the land and I've finished unloading.  While I was waiting for Lisa to pick me up, I had to finish a last minute project.  That's a long story why it was last minute.  It had something to do with gypsy update, cricut update (2 machines), and the unknown SCAL update I needed to do.  Anyway, the 2nd graders are doing a wax museum tomorrow and my baby is Kobe Bryant.  He already had the shorts, so I just had to do the shirt.  I ran out of purple vinyl so I couldn't put the number on the front.


  1. I like it!! Another thing that I've done is print the picture on white tissue paper. It blends really well with the medium you're using. I wish I were going with you and CDR!! : ( lol

  2. great job on the tray and tshirt. Have you tried Beacon Fast Finish Decoupage

  3. @ Nicole - you are trying to work me. I've used tissue paper to transfer text and 1 image on a candle but didn't think about that option for next tray.

    @ Netta - Haven't tried that. Added it to my list. Thx!