Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Teacher Appreciation Gifts

Today is a special day... Teacher Appreciation Day.  I do not have enough words to describe how amazing teachers are, nor how underpaid.  This year, my daughter has 2 wonderful teachers who truly love what they do.  They make learning fun and challenging.  My son's teacher has to be one of the most relaxed teachers I have ever seen.  I cannot think of a time (this is the 3rd year she's taught on of my 2), when I've seen her frazzled.  So, to Ms. Lucas, Ms. Jones, and Mr. Muhammad..... YOU ROCK!!!!!!

I have spent the last week trying to finish up a few things.  Hmm, isn't that always my case? LOL! So once again, I conquered my fear of modge podge and paint and created the clipboards below.

These will actually be used in an Art Auction on Friday.

Teacher Appreciation Clipboards that include a collage of the class on the back.

Sometimes, my son rotates to another 2nd grade teacher for lessons
I think the other subject matter teachers get left out because they are not main teachers.  But they actually teach every student in the school.  This year, I made sure to include an appreciation gift for the Art, PE, Music, and Instrumental teachers.  Teacher Survival Kit Mini Paint Cans.

And finally, to help with the Art Action (at school) on Friday, I put together a diaper cake.  We have at least 2 pregnant teachers, and 6 Parents expecting this year.

Have a GREAT day ALL!! Thanks for stopping by.


  1. You did an awesome job!!! everything looks great~

  2. Awesome job on all the projects

  3. I can see the LOVE you put in these. What lovely presentations Cassie!

  4. Awesome! Love it all especially diaper cake. Lol at your fear of modge podge!