Monday, July 2, 2012

What's in the box?

Every year I look forward to my Church's Women's Retreat.  There is sure to be a move of God like never before.  From helping to plan to watching it come together, to watching God move on the women.  This year, we were instructed to bring a box with us.  Why a box?? God has given us so many talents and gifts and yet we sit on them.  Our retreat focused on recognizing what those gifts are and how you can use them at home, work, and in ministry.  We then took those gifts (which we symbolized by writing them on pieces of paper) and filled our box, nicely wrapping it and celebrating by presenting our gifts to God.  One of my favorite quotes (the author unknown since I spotted this on a cubicle wall over 6 years ago) is "Everything you were born to do, you were built to do."  Everything you need to succeed in life has been given to you by God, you only need to recognize those gifts and move forward!!!!

Table Centerpieces:  We are divided into group names based on our roommates.  So, instead of the standard table tent cards, I covered these white boxes (which I got at Michaels) to use as our centerpieces in the dining hall.  Here is a sample.

Gift Bags:  We love a good giveaway.  Oh the excitement as you anticpate your name being called.  Instead of solid colored gift bags, I decorated plain white bags to display our theme and color.

One of the gifts:  Always wanting to put my crafty fingers into a contribution, I made a candle, using the tissue paper method.  For those who don't know, here are some quick steps:  (1) tape tissue paper to a standard 8.5 x 11 sheet of printer paper.  (2) Print your design on the tissue paper, using your printer. (3) Place the tissue paper design around your candle. Place a piece of wax paper over the design and around the candle as well.  Leave enough that you have something to hold on to, as you proceed to the next step.  (4) Using your heating tool, begin to run the heating tool over the wax paper.  You should see your design slowly melting into the candle. The paper will become glossy/slick/wet looking.  Be careful not to melt the candle though.  This works best when your candle and tissue paper are the same color.  For starters, try with white because it's the easiest.

And lastly, my own personal box.  But wait, I created one box and brought it to the meeting to show the overseer what I was doing for the centerpieces.  One for the committee members claimed it has her own.  We spent an hour on the phone about that particular box.  So, I caved in and let her have it.  The next box, I was making for myself.  Finished it, then decided maybe I want one slightly bigger.  So that box was taken by another committee member.  Then finally, the night before leaving for the retreat, I get all the paper cut for my box.  I only bring the supplies I need, so this box cannot get taken away from me.  LOL!!

Cross was cut on posterboard using Easter cricut cartridge.  The title was cut using Storybook.
Sorry for the lengthy post.  It's been awhile since I've posted a personal project.  Which is only 1/2 personal huh?  Thank you all for taking the time to stop by, read, and leave comments.


  1. Everything turned out lovely!!

  2. Cassie, your retreat sounds like it was a lot of fun. Love your crafts. You did a great job!

  3. Cassie, awesome job on everything, love how the boxes came out. Thank you for the info on the candles, I have wanted to try this..and pulling me back to trying on white candles display

  4. Cassie - I just came over from the Cricut board & watching the youtube video- Just awesome how you are using your talents to glorify God! Keep on praising Him, my sista'!

  5. Everything turned out great! I am definitely going to try the candle project! Need to get a jump start on the holidays! LOL.

  6. This sounds like a beautiful event! From the boxes to the candles to the wall art, it all sounds lovely! I think a box tutorial for the ladies is in your future though, lol. Do you think the candle project will work on small candles?

  7. THANK YOU ALL for your wonderful comments.
    @ Netta - Yes!! Give that candle a try.
    @ Inspired Butterfly - Thank you so much!
    @ Lisa - Do the candles in Oct.
    @ Cheryl - You can use smaller candles. I actually tried the design on a smaller candle first. It was too small for that particular design, but I've done others designs on slightly smaller candles.

  8. Oh, I love it! I'll have to try the candle project. I've never seen that one!! Great job, as always!