Sunday, October 14, 2012

From the Land of Layouts

Hello Family, Friends, & Fellow Crafters,

It is time for me to post my layouts from last weekend.  Doing page kits are a life saver, especially when it comes to a crop.  I had a light bulb moment on how I used to scrap the same way, before I even new what a page kit was.  Here is how I used to get things accomplished when I did not have a scrap room:

Monday - Select my pictures and create a layout sketch in Microsoft Word
Tuesday - Trim my pictures and journal (I usually did this at work during a break or lunch)
Wednesday - Pick out paper and cut it to my specification
Thursday - Glue down paper and pictures
Friday - Add embellishments and tadaaaaa, a layout was born.

That is essentially how you prepare a page kit to take to a crop with the exception of doing those steps at once and not gluing down until you get there.  I've actually decided that I need to get back to doing layouts that way so I can actually get some accomplished.

OK, the reason you are here.... the layouts.  The first 2 is something I've never done.  Create a LO for each child's album of the same event.  I usually reserve those for the family album, but I was feeling generous for these Easter layouts and I had just as many joint pictures as I did of them individually.

the pink label to the left is for her to journal on.

It's funny to see this layout since I'm still scrapping his K year.  I'm scrapping all over the place.


  1. These layouts are great Cassie. For the last several crops I've gone to, I've kind of done the same thing. I select my pictures, find a sketch to go with them, choose my paper and I'm done. I take some black & white cardstock for matting pics, pen and note paper for writing out journaling , and my tool tote and that's it. I do titles, embellishments and typed journaling when I get home. I find that I get much more done that way and I'm not dragging the whole kitchen sink with me when I go.

  2. Awesome LO, you have a beautiful family