Thursday, November 29, 2012

My First Thanksgiving!!

Hello Family, Friends, Fellow Crafters, & Followers,

I know it has been awhile since I've posted.  This year, I decided to host (first time) Thanksgiving dinner.  That meant I was headed for the kitchen to cook and headed to my craft room for decorations.  I told everyone that I felt official after staying up Tuesday (before turkey day) until 3:30am and the following night until 1:30am.  All this for hosting 9 people.  YES!! And it was worth it.  My first order of business wasn't the menu, but some holiday decor that my family could take home with them.

I setup two 6ft tables in my living/dining room

Table Centerpiece

Drink Coaster

Place Setting Closeup

Hubby and I cheated a little bit.  We did have a friend's nephew fry our turkey.  Hubby would have done it had he had the fryer though.  This bird was DELICIOUS!

Sweet potato casserole.  The first time I ever made one and it was so good, that I only had a small bowl left.  So, I went out the next day and purchased 10 more sweet potatoes and made 2 pies and a mini casserole.  YUMMY!!!!!!!

Thanks for stopping by!  Next on my list, reorganizing the Cafe and getting some holiday projects done.


  1. MMMMM that turkey looks so yummy! I am happy your dinner was successful! Many more to come in your future LOL, Kenya~

  2. The turkey looks divine! Everything looks wonderful! I'm still not ready to host my first. LOL

  3. really did it up for your first hosted Thanksgiving! Everything looks so nice. Don't know when my day is coming...not anytime soon LOL!