Tuesday, April 2, 2013

New Season...New Things!!!!!

Good Morning Family, Friends, Followers, & Fellow Crafters!!!

I have been trying to update my blog since I returned from a crop weekend, 2 weeks ago.  Long story made short, Last Thursday, I asked my dad to hold my cell phone as I continued packing the kids in his car for them to head out of town.  45 minutes later, I realized my cell was in his car and he had just hit 95 North; all my pics were in my phone.  Then Plan B, use my camera.  BUT, I can't find my card reader.... He mailed my phone to me (thanks dad!!!!) since they aren't coming home until later this week.  Still haven't found my card reader.

On to crafting...

The first new thing I tried this season was rhinestones.  I ordered some early March because I had an  idea swimming around in my head.  This project was a challenge. From the rhinestone material (so hard to cut through. I used deep cut housing blade with multi-cut 3) to getting the size right.  I still didn't have the right hole size when it came down to placing the rhinestones, so I had to place them one by one, instead of using the brush. Aaargghhh!! I used Sure Cut A Lot (Version 2), and I selected the rhinestone size based on the stones I had, but they still didn't fall in the holes.  I'll be going back to square 1 to try this again.  I do like how it turned out for my first try but I have a month to get this right because I need to make a few things for Mother's day.  Any tips, leave them for me, please!!

The other new thing I tried is a Silhouette Cameo. Wait, I've used the machine before, but I finally tried the Print & Cut Feature.  The machine is not mine (thanks for letting me play Lisa), but hopefully, one will show up at my door soon.  I played around with the software a week before the crop so I could prepare to get things done.  I was like a kid in a candy store once I got to do it.  I was giddy with joy making this all happen.  Here are the results:

The digi below is Sassy Cassie from Sassy Studio Designs.

The digi below is Jesalyn from LaLaLand Crafts.  The sketch design is from MojoMonday. I love using their blog for sketch idea.

Thanks for stopping by.  I'll be back in a few days to share some page layouts.  Have a GREAT week ALL!!!


  1. Nice cards Cassie! Sorry you struggled with your rhinestone projects, but they turned out great!

  2. Cute cards Cass! Will you send a cameo to my doorstep also? LOL Rhinestones are on my "to try" list also. But I'll wait a little longer.. .lol

  3. These are absolutely fabulous. I can't wait to play with the print to cut feature!

  4. I have the rhinestone kit from silhouette. I have yet to try it. You are making me want to pull it out. These look great.