Monday, December 16, 2013

'Tis the Season

Good Morning Family, Friends, Followers & Fellow Crafters,

The Vendor Showcase is over and it is time for me to cool down for the rest of the year.  The showcase was GREAT and it was wonderful being in a space with great energy, friendly people, and an overall spirit of togetherness.  Special thanks to my sister Rica, for helping me setup up and Lisa for hanging out and working my table with me.  It was nice sharing this experience with her.  Also special thanks to my friends & co-workers who stopped through and purchased cards in the name of supporting me.  Love you guys!!!

Here is my table:

Here is a closeup of items on display:


I had this in purple and 4 people oohed and aahhed over it.  It finally left the table with admirer #6.

Can't forget about the teachers.

Personalized with Teacher's name on the opposite side.

Love these candles.  This was the first thing I sold out of in the first hour.  A customer bought all 3 and needed a 4th.

So, instead of me cooling down, as I mentioned, the Showcase actually geared me up with endless possibilities.  I already set a plan in place to get more cards done ahead of time beginning next month.  I'm looking forward to more events in the future.
Thanks for stopping by!

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