Thursday, January 18, 2018

Sensational 16 Wrap Up

Good Morning Friends, Family, Followers and Fellow Crafters,

I am in the final stages of wrapping up my daughter's Sensational 16 Celebration.  Well, at least wrapping up the swag bags for her sleepover guests.  I was waiting on photos from their photo shoot.  The only thing left will be to make mini albums for myself and my daughter.  That could take forever but I hope to at least finish hers, this month.

Anyhoo... I've wanted to learn how to sew for 15 years now.  I finally gifted myself with a machine for Christmas.  I had some one on one help, when I presented my idea to a friend.  I thought pillows would make a nice favor for a sleepover.  I have A LOT to learn but for my first project, I did ok. Maybe the other 2 pillows will get done before this school year ends, lol!

Sleep Mask, Pillow, Candle, Photo Album

Nickname are what my daughter calls them

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